3 More Tasks to Teach Yourself to Teach alongside Technology

At the halt of 2010 I published the root five tasks inwards a series to aid instructor larn how to purpose technology scientific discipline alongside their students. Now I would similar to add together iii to a greater extent than tasks to that collection. The root few tasks are all quite uncomplicated to lay the dry reason operate in addition to cash inwards one’s chips teachers started. As the serial progresses I promise to proceed to to a greater extent than adventurous tasks. Please experience complimentary to purpose these tasks yourself or to portion or purpose them for instructor training.

Task 6: Creating a video review action
In this delineate you’ll larn how to practise a cinema trailer review action using cinema trailers from YouTube in addition to an online uncovering board called Wallwisher. Here’s an event to expect at earlier you lot start: 5 Tasks to Teach Yourself to Teach alongside

  • Using Online Sticky Noticeboards
  • Cropping YouTube Videos to Create
  • Tutorial: Using Videos from
  • 100 + Online activities for EFL ESL learners
  • Social Networks in addition to the Web 2.0 Revolution: Part 2
  • Create your ain social network vii steps
  • Web 2.0 Tools for EFL in addition to ESL Teachers
  • 10 Teacher Development Task for Web 2.0 Tools
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