20 WebCam Activities for EFL ESL Students

Back inward Nov 2008 I published Part 1 of a serial of articles intended to explore the usage of WebCams inward education. I accept directly finally got circular to writing Part ii which is a collection of 20 activities EFL ESL teachers tin attain amongst their students.

Here are to a greater extent than or less links to useful complimentary video communication tools that yous could usage for these activities.

  • MailVu is a uncomplicated to usage app which runs inward the browser in addition to enables students to tape a brusque message which tin live sent past times email.
  • EyeJot is to a greater extent than or less other uncomplicated video electronic mail app which also has a mobile version.
  • Skype is of course of instruction the mainstream choice for synchronous communication.
  • Oovoo is a Skype rival which also enables the recording of video interviews past times capturing both interviewer in addition to interviewee.

20 WebCam Activities

1. Chinese – video dictation – whispers – Use the video electronic mail characteristic to tape a brusque text. Send it to the start of your students. Ask your pupil to write downwardly the message in addition to thence tape it themselves in addition to ship it to the side past times side student. Each pupil should rerecord in addition to ship the message on to another, until the lastly pupil sends it dorsum to you. You volition thence come across how accurately the message matches to your master text.

2. Interactive video learning diary – You could acquire students to create an interactive learning diary, they could electronic mail yous their video summary of what they experience they accept learned each twenty-four hours in addition to yous could thence respond. The videos would shape a goodness learning tape in addition to students volition live able to await dorsum at them later on in addition to come across how they accept improved – quite literally – in addition to also hear the improvements inward their speaking ability. This is also a bully way to give your students one-to-one-time which tin oftentimes live a employment inward class.

3. Class survey – Action research – You could ship a video message to your students amongst a degree survey inquiry that they could respond to. This would live a goodness way to comport out classroom research, create upward one’s hear on learning goals in addition to brand certain that all students had a way to feedback to yous inward private in addition to on an private basis.

 They could also create their ain questions in addition to ship them to each other, thence feedback inward class.

4. The witness – Show one-half of your students a video clip or picture, that includes a issue of people (scenes from films amongst depository fiscal establishment robberies, where a issue of people are involved are quite useful for this). Then inquire the students to imagine that they are 1 of the people inward the cinema or painting in addition to they necessitate to depict what happened. Ask them to tape a video disceptation giving their concern human relationship of what happened inward the start person. You tin thence inquire the other students to imagine they are detectives in addition to sentry the clips your students accept created in addition to brand notes to slice together what happened. Afterwards they tin sentry the master cinema clip together inward degree in addition to yous tin come across how good they did in addition to what they missed.

 Here’s an example depository fiscal establishment robbery scene

5. Favourite poems or haiku – Students could tape themselves reading their favourite verse form or haiku, yous could thence embed the videos into a spider web page or weblog equally a degree poesy collection.

6. Video twitter – Using the feed characteristic yous could create a variety of video Twitter, amongst your students video micro-blogging close learning English, their twenty-four hours at school, or whatsoever topic they give away interesting.

7. Text in addition to video mistake correction – Using the video electronic mail feature, yous could tape a video of yourself reading a text, thence add together the text inside the electronic mail message. You could include to a greater extent than or less errors inward the text in addition to acquire them to sentry the video in addition to right the errors.

8. Create a collaborative story – Email students a video amongst the start delineate of piece of work of a floor in addition to inquire them to tape your delineate of piece of work of the floor in addition to add together their own, thence top it back, or top it on to to a greater extent than or less other student. This way yous could construct upward a floor betwixt the grouping over a flow of time.

9. Tip of the day – Send yous students a learning tip each twenty-four hours past times video email. These could live essay tips, study tips, recommended website etc.(The URL for the website would look inward the text role of the message below the video.)

10. Video dictation – Send a video electronic mail of yourself dictating a text in addition to inquire your students to sentry in addition to write the text inward the electronic mail in addition to ship it dorsum to yous for correction.

11. Vocabulary tape / give-and-take of the day – You could inquire your students to create a video to tape the words in addition to example sentences. You could also attain something similar this yourself equally a variety of ‘Word of the Day’ channel.

12. News Reports – Ask students to read the intelligence ( inward English linguistic communication or their ain start language) in addition to thence attain a video intelligence written report on 1 of the principal stories that they are interested in.
 They could also create their ain local or schoolhouse video intelligence channel for other students to subscribe to.

13. Present continuous (sound on or off) – You tin tape video clips to demonstrate acquaint continuous sentences. You tin attain this amongst audio on or amongst audio off in addition to the students tin approximate the sentence

14. Questions for response – You could educate clips amongst questions in addition to inquire your students to respond online. They could also educate a sequence of their ain questions for other students to respond to.

15. Guess the object – You or students could tape a description of in addition to object in addition to viewers accept to hear in addition to approximate what the object is. Getting students to create these clips volition assistance them to live concise in addition to actually position the fundamental concepts behind describing objects.

16. Sales pitch – Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 variation on the thought inward a higher position is to inquire students to attain a video trying to convince users to purchase a detail object. Again this helps them to position fundamental concepts, gives them practise amongst using linguistic communication of thought in addition to it may good assistance them to force for faster speaking speeds in addition to amend fluency.

17. Moods – You tin create video clips of yourself or your students expressing dissimilar moods. This tin assistance them to larn the vocabulary of the moods, but yous could also usage it to acquire students to predict the drive of the mood ( in addition to practise acquaint perfect; “He’s angry because he has simply been made redundant.” etc.)

18. Live tutoring support – Video conferencing is an ideal tool for supporting distance learners in addition to doing ‘face to face’ tutorials.

19. Video interviews – You could become far touching on amongst someone for your degree to interview. Just accept 1 reckoner summation photographic television set camera educate inward class, in addition to a visiting expert, friend or colleague on the other destination for your students to interview. They could also interview an skilful inward groups from domicile amongst a conference call.
 The interview doesn’t accept to live done ‘live’ it could also live done through a serial of electronic mail video messages sent to the interviewee.You tin endeavour it hither past times watching this video in addition to thence clicking reply.

20. Video lesson amongst conferencing – You could usage the conference telephone squall upward to videocast your lesson or presentation to a grouping of distance learners.

I promise yous give away these suggestions useful in addition to handle to usage to a greater extent than or less of them amongst your students. Do drib me a delineate of piece of work if yous accept other recommendations for useful video conferencing tools or activities. You tin give away to a greater extent than video related activities for EFL ESL here.

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