10 Tech Tools for Teacher Training Courses

Over the summertime I was running a issue of 2 calendar week ICT inwards linguistic communication teaching courses for teachers from approximately the world. The courses were operate of the Bell summertime campus at Homerton College Cambridge. This was the foremost fourth dimension inwards a spell I had been asked to learn such long courses too i thought it was a smashing chance to reckon if I could fundamentally alter the agency the teachers related to technology, non exactly inwards the classroom every bit a tool for teaching learners, but every bit a tool inside their everyday working practice.

As sub goals I laid out to run the class alongside absolutely no paper. That meant no photocopied handouts too no newspaper based authorities annotation taking from trainees. I wanted to force these teachers to the indicate where they could piece of occupation totally inwards the digital medium too where newspaper became totally unnecessary.

I also wanted to utilization a shape of loop input (using the engineering scientific discipline to learn the technology) hence that teachers were learning virtually the technologies they could utilization alongside students past times genuinely using them for themselves.

I would similar to add together that this class took house inwards a estimator room alongside 1 Internet connected estimator per teacher.

What follows below is a brief outline of the tools I used to accomplish this too how I used each tool.


This was my telephone commutation communication tool. It allows me to create an minute chatroom which I tin utilization every bit a backchannel hence that students tin communicate alongside each other past times text too contribute to the session or exactly socialise spell I’m talking. More importantly though, it enables me to portion links to websites too digital document without having to acquire students to re-create complex URLs into their spider web browser address bar. I only glue the URL into the chat too when they acquire the message they click on the link too the URL opens inwards a novel tab inwards their spider web browser. I tin also utilization it every bit a sort of audience response organisation to acquire opinions from the whole shape too to permit them to type inwards questions that I tin address later.

  • Here’s a quick video showing how it works: TodaysMeet

Penzu is a rattling unproblematic spider web based soul magazine tool that I’ve been using for some fourth dimension now. In this class I asked teachers to utilization it instead of taking newspaper based notes. Penzu is genuinely quite minimalist too it looks exactly similar a sail of paper, but it stores too appointment stamps each magazine entry too this makes it quite slow to discovery notes i time to a greater extent than from whatsoever estimator every bit it is ‘cloud based’. So this became i of the 2 criterion tabs I asked the teachers to constantly maintain opened upward on their spider web browser. That agency they could easily switch betwixt authorities annotation taking too investigating links too socialising alongside the class.

  • Here’s a quick video showing how it works: Penzu

In house of PowerPoint too Keynote I used 280Slides to gear upward too deliver the presentations I included inwards the course. 280Slides is genuinely unproblematic to use, stores the presentations online too creates a link too embed code hence when I’m finished presenting I tin right away portion the link alongside my grouping either past times embedding it into a site or passing the URL through TodaysMeet.

  • Here’s a quick video showing how it works: 280Slides

During the class I shared a lot of links to background reading materials, useful follow upward websites too blogs etc. The links were passed through TodaysMeet, but to brand certain these links weren’t lost I got the teachers on the class to create their ain Delicious accounts to tag too shop all the links hence they could discovery them after on whatsoever computer. I also taught them how to add together the bookmarking plug inwards to their browser tool bar. This genuinely helped every bit it meant they could only click on it too tag too salve everything alongside exactly a brace of clicks.


Using Delicious for bookmarking articles etc was great, but for the Web 2.0 type learning tools I was introducing I wanted something to a greater extent than visual every bit a reminder, hence I used SimplyBox. This is a unproblematic to utilization tool which uses boxes inwards house of folders too enables you lot to see an ikon from the site every bit a link dorsum to it, rather than a title. The other smashing payoff of this tool is that you lot tin portion boxes too piece of occupation on them collaboratively too anyone accessing the box tin acquire out notes on each of the tools. I introduced this tool virtually halfway through the class past times putting links to all the tools nosotros had used inwards i box, too using this every bit a revision task, I got the teachers to acquire out teaching suggestions too notes virtually how to utilization each tool too what its strengths were on each of the bookmarks.

I used Posterous every bit my basic publishing tool for the teachers to construct blended learning materials on, you lot tin acquire started exactly past times sending an electronic mail alongside your weblog content inwards the trunk of the electronic mail too whatsoever images, videos or good every bit attachments. Very few of them had done whatsoever blogging previous to the class hence this was a genuinely unproblematic tool to acquire started on too it handles all kinds of media such every bit video, documents too embedded objects genuinely well. So every bit they were edifice examples of online learning they were also creating their ain e-portfolio.

  • Here’s a quick video showing how it works: Posterous

Jing was some other of the heart too soul tools for the course. Initially I got teachers to utilization it to see too annotate images of websites hence that they could create detailed pace past times pace notes of how to utilization diverse spider web tools. They hence dragged the images into documents too uploaded these to their Posterous weblog which formatted them into spider web based documents using Scribd. As the class progressed I moved the teachers on from making text too ikon based instructions to using Jing to brand too upload video based screencasts of the websites. They could hence bookmark these alongside delicious too after utilization them to exhibit their students how the websites worked, or they could add together the link to their Posterous weblog which would automatically embed the video into the weblog page.

  • Here’s an instance of a document uploaded to Posterous: Example
  • You tin download Jing gratis from here

Towards the terminate of the class I introduced the Wiggio VLE to the teachers. Wiggio is a rattling versatile too quick to create online surround which has a rich diversity of communication tools. Using this platform has enabled me to shape working groups from the courses hence that they tin rest inwards comport on alongside each other too me after the class too locomote along to portion links, videos, documents too to a greater extent than importantly ideas. This is a smashing tool for edifice dynamic courses too adds much to a greater extent than social interaction than something similar Moodle.

  • Here’s a quick video showing how it works: Wiggio

I used Tricider every bit my needs analysis tool at the showtime too my activeness inquiry tool during the course. It’s a rattling unproblematic to use, but rattling versatile polling tool. You exactly create a enquiry too add together some options hence portion it alongside the people you lot desire answers from. The smashing affair is that they tin add together extra options too add together diverse pros too cons of each pick every bit good every bit voting on the ones they like. This makes the whole procedure of polling much to a greater extent than open, social too interactive.
Here’s a quick video showing how it works: Tricider

Last but non to the lowest degree is the Firefox browser. I utilization this every bit a replacement for Internet Explorer. I discovery Firefox to hold out fast reliable too consistent too peculiarly when working alongside Web 2.0 type tools it gives me rattling few problems. I tin tell none of this virtually IE which I oftentimes terminate upward cursing whenever I induce got to utilization it inwards a grooming environment.
You tin download Firefox from here

So, using this combination of tools I managed to deliver the consummate class without using newspaper authorities annotation books or photocopying whatsoever materials, too I experience at the terminate of it my trainees were the amend for it every bit they had spent a calendar week challenging their ingrained report habits too taking a pace towards working inwards the sort of digital world
their students volition belike hold out negotiating inwards their future. Most of all though they had a adventure to genuinely utilization the tools inwards much the same agency that their students volition too to brand too overcome the kinds of mistakes they volition induce got to bargain alongside students inwards class.

I promise you lot induce got constitute something interesting hither too this article makes you lot recall a piffling to a greater extent than virtually how you lot deliver instructor grooming inwards full general every bit the utilization of these tools isn’t exactly restricted to tech training. They could hold out integrated into the delivery of whatsoever linguistic communication or instructor grooming class too to some extent I experience that until tech tools are integrated into mainstream instructor grooming nosotros aren’t going to acquire the character too quantity of digitally literate teachers that nosotros demand to genuinely render a 21st century learning surround for our students.

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